Discover implant savings.
Increase surgery center profits.

Get actionable case cost reports for your ASC in minutes with no manual work

Implant spend is one of the leading challenges facing ASC leaders today

Physicians don’t know the cost of their implant choices. Vendors keep prices opaque and make it hard to compare products. Administrators are too busy to constantly monitor implant spend and usage.

Opkit is the first implant case costing tool designed specifically for ASCs

Discover which physicians are costing you the most - and what implants they are using
Opkit highlights the most expensive physicians and procedures at your facility and suggests affordable alternative implants to bring costs down.
Rank and compare physicians by implant spend for any specialty or procedure
Grasp overall spending even in complex, multi-specialty settings. Drill-down to the CPT level to understand physician constructs and surgical techniques.
Jumpstart productive conversations about implant spend at your facility
Share insights with physicians and staff by deep-linking to any page or instantly generating beautiful PDFs worthy of your next board meeting.
Increase ASC efficiency and distributions
Save tens of hours per month on building spreadsheets and running low-quality reports from accounting and EHR software. Focus on what matters.

Your security is our top priority

We know your PHI, case information and implant pricing data are confidential and highly sensitive. We take this responsibility seriously.

Opkit is a HIPAA-compliant software vendor. We are currently pursuing SOC 2 Type 2, the strictest and most comprehensive information security certification.

Our team and story

Sherwood Callaway
Justin Ko
Opkit was founded by Sherwood Callaway and Justin Ko, two software engineers with a passion for improving healthcare and deep experience building transformative, secure software products in regulated industries.

Sherwood’s father is an orthopedic surgeon and ASC medical director in Raleigh, NC. Sherwood grew up learning about orthopedics and the business of medicine. With Opkit, he is continuing his father’s life work of providing quality, affordable care to the residents of North Carolina.

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